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My parents are really putting me through a lot of stress right now. I like doing my things my own way without stress and tension, but NOOO!!! They won’t let me have a peaceful night for the event. They just keep on saying “perform your speech for us now” “let us review it before the day” “what if you make a grammatical error” “is your health good enough for the event” and so on…they are just stressing my brain. I usually rehearse my presentations inside my head over and over because I’m a shy type and I can’t be acting out a presentation in front of someone not even ny parents without adrenaline. Adrenaline helps me present better so I’m trying to avoid a terrible rehearsal but NOOO!!! They want me to have a rehearsal and feel totally helpless. That’s why I can’t wait to leave this place and get isolated in a place where I would have peace as a full time writer.


My First Post

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Me and My Book
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This is the first time I’m posting about my first published book. As a self published author, the whole experience seems surreal since i wasn’t expecting the incredible outcome of the book. My only concern is the fact that I’m not sure of the right marketing strategy that would keep my book out there for a long time. i hope i do the right things and take the right steps that would make me a renowned and credible author/poet.